November 07, 2018

The Verdict – WAJ Fall 2018 Edition

The Verdict

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Every quarter the Wisconsin Association for Justice (WAJ) puts out a publication called The Verdict that discusses recent topics, featuring various articles written by legal professionals. In the most recent publication, GCW attorneys Whitney Johnson and Scott Thompson were spotlighted.

In “The Insidious Nature of Subtle Bias in the Modern Day Legal Community,” Whitney talks about the impact that descriptive and prescriptive bias have had on the legal world.

“Subtle gender bias is an everyday occurrence for females in the law, whether communally recognized or not.”
– GCW Attorney, Whitney Johnson

In Scott Thompson’s article, “Will Automated Vehicles Crash the Courthouse?,” he addresses the new challenges in the courtroom as technology evolves and automated vehicles become more common in this country.

“As members of this organization, we should be prepared to be vigilant in making sure that policy makers look out for safety and do not ignore the interests of injured people when making new laws governing AVs.”
-GCW Attorney, Scott Thompson

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