September 15, 2016

10 Factors That Can Impact Your Slip and Fall Injury Claim

After a slip and fall accident, you may be left facing severe injuries. These injuries may create a need for expensive and ongoing medical treatment; they can also keep you from returning to work for several weeks. As a result, you may need to file a slip and fall injury claim in order to seek compensation from the property owner where the slip and fall accident occurred.

Your chance for success when pursuing such a claim depends on several different factors.

10 Factors Influencing Your Slip and Fall Injury Claim

What factors can influence a slip and fall accident claim? The following are 10 examples:

  1. The nature and extent of your slip and fall accident injuries.
  2. What medical treatment you have received for your injuries.
  3. The prognosis for recovery from your injuries and anticipated future treatments.
  4. How recently the slip and fall accident occurred.
  5. Whether you were lawfully present on the property at the time of the incident.
  6. Whether the property owner took reasonable measures to keep the property well maintained and safe.
  7. Whether the property owner regularly inspected the premises.
  8. Whether there is a history of past slip and fall accidents on the premises.
  9. Whether any attempts were made to warn visitors on the premises of the danger of a slip and fall accident.
  10. Whether you took any measures that contributed to the fall, such as being intoxicated at the time of the accident.

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, it is important to act quickly. Victims have only a limited window of time in which to file a legal claim against a property owner. For further information, we encourage you to contact our experienced slip and fall lawyers today at 888-357-7661.

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