Milwaukee Sexual Assault Lawyers

Sexual assault is an extremely traumatic experience. Often times, victims not only experience physical injury, but also long-lasting psychological damage. A criminal conviction of the perpetrator can brings justice, however the pain and suffering, along with possible lost wages, medical expenses and other costs can leave victims of sexual assault not knowing where to turn next.

A civil lawsuit can provide the compensation you need, hold other negligent parties accountable, and offer you more options for seeking justice. You can sue for:

  • Assault/rape
  • Battery
  • False imprisonment
  • Intentional infliction of emotional distress
  • Negligent infliction of emotional distress
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Defamation, which includes libel and slander
  • Violation of stalking statutes or aggravated stalking statutes
  • Negligent transmission of a sexually transmitted disease
  • Wrongful death

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When I was sexually harassed at work, Gingras, Thomsen & Wachs helped me with my case, reassuring me through a confusing and difficult process. Later, when I was injured in an auto accident, they fought for me again. My lawyers were skilled and thoughtful – they helped me a lot.

Jennifer W.


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