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Dog bites are serious injuries that should be treated with care. Unfortunately, dog bite victims may struggle to get coverage for their dog bite injuries and trauma. If you have been injured and need medical treatment after a dog attack, speak with a dog bite lawyer at Gingras Thomsen & Wachs LLP about holding the dog owner liable for your dog bite injury claim.

You May Need Specific Help from Dog Bite Attorneys in Madison, WI

Wisconsin dog bite lawyers like ours offer specific help to any dog bite victim struggling to get compensated for the devastating impacts of a dog bite incident. If you have been bitten by a dog, you already know how difficult it can be to hold dog owners responsible, but our dog bites lawyers offer focused, comprehensive care for those in need. When you need a dog bite attorney on your side, get help from attorneys who understand Wisconsin law around dog attacks and what you can expect from the insurance company or at fault party.

Our Madison, WI Dog Attack Lawyers Offer Experience Holding Dog Owners Liable for Their Actions

Dog bite attorneys offer guidance for those who have suffered a personal injury and need help with their dog bite claim. Our Madison personal injury lawyers have the dedication, resources, and tools to help you with your Madison dog bite case. Holding the dog’s owner liable for your injuries can be tough, but our experienced dog bite lawyers have what it takes to help you seek your medical expenses and other damages.

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Gingras, Thomsen & Wachs, LLP Has Considerable Experience in Handling Dog Bite Cases

Our team has handled hundreds of personal injury cases over the decades our firm has been in action, which means we are experienced dog bite attorneys. We understand how devastating the injuries caused by animal bites can be, and we understand how legal action may be your best option when pursuing a fair settlement. If you are seeking a track record of success on your side, do not hesitate to reach out to our law firm about your serious injuries and how we can help you hold animal owners accountable when they cause injury and emotional distress.

The Laws and Regulations Related to Dog Bites in Madison, WI

When you have suffered an attack bite dogs, you need the maximum compensation to get your medical care covered for the suffering you have experienced. However, certain laws, like the Wisconsin statute of limitations, may impact the ability of an injured person to get compensated. You only have three years to file your claim to recover compensation, so reach out to our injury attorneys to gather evidence and file your claim before your timer runs out.

Seeking Legal Representation for Dog Bite Victims is Crucial

When it comes to dogs causing injury to you or a family member, especially if you are in need of medical attention, seeking legal representation is vital for getting damages or double damages for the suffering you have experienced. However, without legal representation, it can be difficult to gather evidence of your injuries, such as nerve damage, identify the at fault party, and determine the damages you have suffered, such as lost wages and emotional suffering.

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Exploring the Process of Filing a Dog Bite Lawsuit

When filing a lawsuit, your first step is to seek medical attention, which creates medical records of the accident from the emergency room. Once you have determined that you have a claim, you and your attorney can then begin filing your paperwork and gathering evidence. From there, your attorney will represent you in the courtroom, seeking the full compensation you are due for your injuries.

Compensation and Damages Available to Dog Bite Victims

If you were injured by a dog, from torn clothing to injuries that require medical treatment, remember that dog owners have strict liability for their dog’s behavior. Wisconsin is also a state with double damages statutes, meaning that if the dog has previously injured someone, your compensation may be twice the amount as otherwise. Damages that may fall under this compensation include medical bills, permanent scarring, emotional distress, and more. Also, don’t forget to check out our personal injury attorney page for further details on our legal services in Madison.

Successful Cases and Client Testimonials

As you pursue compensation for your dog bite injuries, keep in mind that our team has a track record of success with claims much like yours. That means we are prepared to provide that same quality care for you. You can always reach out to learn more through a free consultation or check out our case results page.

We Offer Resources and Tips for Preventing Dog Bites

Preventing dog bites can be tough, and typically it comes down to the dog owners keeping dogs with aggressive tendencies away from others. While pit bulls typically receive this reputation, any dog can bite. If you see an aggressive animal and you believe they may be a danger, you can also help prevent dog bites by contacting animal control.

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