June 19, 2018

[Video] GCW Files Federal Lawsuit Against the Police and the City of Milwaukee on Behalf of Bucks Player Sterling Brown

A federal lawsuit has been filed Tuesday, June 19th, against the city of Milwaukee and its police department for the unlawful arrest and use of excessive force on Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown.

On January 26th, Sterling Brown was wrongfully tased and arrested by Milwaukee police officers. Officers doing a business check at a Walgreens around 2 a.m. noticed a vehicle parked across two handicap spaces. Mr. Brown was being questioned for the parking violation when police officers tased and arrested Mr. Brown. After reviewing the body camera footage, no criminal charges were made against Mr. Brown, and the officers were given two weeks unpaid leave for their behavior during the incident.

Sterling Brown wants the city to admit that the incident was an unlawful racial stop. “An apology is not enough,” Thomsen said. “Our city has got to get done apologizing. We have to change what we do.”

GCW is working to seek justice for Mr. Brown’s civil rights against the Milwaukee Police Department. With cases like this, GCW has worked hard to bring the story forward and cultivate conversations around civil rights issues.

Sterling Brown states, “I know many of you will share my anger and frustration, but for our community to progress, we need to build on what we already have and not destroy it. I will take legal action against the Milwaukee Police Department to continue forcing change in our community.”

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