August 15, 2016

Employer and Employee Obligations to Prevent Bypass Starting Tractor Accidents

Operating farm equipment in a safe manner is crucial to preventing injury. Unfortunately, too many farm workers choose to utilize unsafe practices. One such example is a process known as “bypass starting.” Bypass starting is the process of starting a tractor from the ground, bypassing the equipment’s normal starting system by other means. This is a very dangerous maneuver, however. There is a significant risk that the tractor could be in gear and run someone over as a result. To prevent tractor accidents and potential injuries, both employers and employees have certain responsibilities.

Employer Obligations to Prevent Tractor Accidents from Bypass Starting

What are the obligations of an employer to prevent tractor bypass starting injuries? The following is an overview:

  1. Educate the equipment operators of the dangers of bypass starting.
  2. Train employees to prevent bypass starting injuries.
  3. Impose and enforce rules against bypass starting.
  4. Place warning decals provided by tractor dealers on the equipment.

Employee Obligations to Prevent Tractor Accidents from Bypass Starting

Employees also have an obligation to prevent tractor bypass starting injuries. These obligations include the following:

  1. Never start or operate farming equipment unless you have been properly trained to use it safely.
  2. Never start a tractor unless you are securely seated in the operator’s position. Do not attempt to bypass start the tractor even if it will save you a few seconds.
  3. Always wear a seat belt when operating a tractor and operate within the framework of the rollover protective structure.
  4. Never bypass start the tractor from the ground.
  5. Always ensure that the parking brake is on and the transmission is in park or neutral before starting the equipment.
  6. Ensure that no one is standing near the equipment before starting it.

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