February 01, 2016

How Much Does a Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

How much will I have to pay a lawyer to help me with my injury claim?

When you hire a lawyer to handle your injury claim, you will need to pay her for the time she spends (her fee), along with the out-of-pocket expenses she incurs handling and pursuing the claim on your behalf.

Personal injury lawyers will agree to handle most accident claims on a contingency fee basis, instead of an hourly basis.  What this means is that the lawyer will not require an up-front payment, a retainer, or a monthly payment based on the hours she has worked. Instead, with a contingency fee agreement, the lawyer is only paid an attorney’s fee if she is successful in obtaining compensation for you. The amount of the contingency fee usually ranges from 25%-33% of the amount recovered, but can be negotiated with the lawyer. The contingency fee contract is required to be in writing and will also include provisions for how the lawyer’s out-of-pocket expenses are to be paid. You should always review the contingency fee contract with the lawyer so you fully understand how she will be paid, and ask any questions you have, before signing it.

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