July 21, 2022

A Farewell and Thank You to Partner Beverly Wickstrom

As we close out the month of July, we are also wrapping up the GTW tenure of partner Beverly Wickstrom. Wickstrom is set to begin a new chapter as Eau Claire County’s Branch 6 Circuit Court Judge after a decades-long career as an attorney.

Throughout her time as a lawyer, Wickstrom took a very personal approach to the work. She made an effort to know each of her clients individually so she could understand their injuries and legal issues, as well as the effects these situations had on their lives and the lives of loved ones.

This dedication to making a difference began at a very early age. Wickstrom’s parents taught her to believe in fairness, equality and justice — plus the importance of working to make those values a reality for everyone. Wickstrom carried these beliefs into adulthood and always tried to keep them at the forefront of her work and personal life.

Outside of the courtroom, Wickstrom volunteered for a number of organizations that directly impacted her clients for the better, including a free legal clinic, homeless shelter and treatment alternative program. She additionally served as chair of the Eau Claire County Democratic Party and was a member of Eau Claire’s Revolving Loan Committee.

Most recently, Wickstrom served as president of the Wisconsin Association for Justice (2020), where she used her vast legal experience and varied skill set to reinvigorate the state’s legal system in the hopes of truly providing justice for all.

When asked about what it’s been like to work with Beverly, these are a few of the things her GTW team members had to say:

  • “Beverly is an excellent lawyer. She’s brilliant. She’s always been an advocate for her clients and it was an honor to work with her.”
  • “It has been awesome to work with Beverly! I am humbled to be able to say that someone with her brainpower and heart was my partner. She seems to know the answer to everything, and she was always there to help in times of need. Words escape me when it comes to explaining how happy and privileged I was to work with her.”
  • “Beverly is a fantastic attorney — everyone you meet that has interacted with her will tell you that. She knows her stuff, she’s been a fantastic advocate and she was always great at running a case from start to finish. To me, Beverly was also the perfect mentor. She’s patient, she’s kind and she was always willing to sit down with me and explain smaller details of a case.”
  • “I never had a sister, so working with Beverly has been amazing. First of all, she’s extremely approachable, kind and considerate. But more than anything else, she’s a really good teacher and without a doubt one of the smartest people I’ve ever known. For me, it has been the opportunity of a lifetime to learn from her.”
  • “Beverly is something else. She’s always had the most energy of anyone in our firm and she was the most organized attorney as well. She has an eye for catching every detail and we all needed that as her partners. She’s fantastic.”

On behalf of the entire Gingras, Thomsen & Wachs team, we cannot thank Beverly enough for her tireless commitment to our firm and its clients. We also wish her continued success as she begins such an exciting new journey.

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