Missed Diagnosis Lawyers

Understanding your health is so important today. We depend on knowledgeable healthcare professionals to accurately and effectively diagnose our medical problems. Because we rely on others for the diagnosis, it’s not until later on that we suffer the consequences of something being missed.

When a medical practitioner misses a diagnosis it can be life-changing. Changes in treatments can lead to unforeseen costs, untreated certain medical problems can lead to alarming and avoidable health issues, and in some severe cases missed diagnoses can lead to death.

A missed diagnosis case can be emotional and complicated, but with Gingras, Thomsen & Wachs we’ll make sure that you get a fair resolution. With our knowledge and expertise, our team of attorneys can navigate the legal details and get you what’s owed to you. Connect with any one of our four Wisconsin offices today to learn more.

"GTW got my children and me a wonderful judgment in a medical malpractice case. My husband died as a result of negligence. We truly appreciate Gingras, Thomsen & Wachs, the type of people they are and the type of work they do."

Shelley O.


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