Mediation and Arbitration Lawyers in Milwaukee, WI

Mediation is when a lawyer who is not involved in the case handles the settlement negotiations between two parties to help move things forward. This often occurs before a case can go to trial and many are successfully resolved.

The lawyers at Gingras, Thomsen & Wachs in Milwaukee have experience in resolving several conflicts including:

  • Business litigation
  • Personal injuries
  • Insurance coverage
  • Landlord/tenant cases
  • And more…

Milwaukee Arbitration Attorneys

Arbitration is a process that, like mediation, also allows opportunity for cases to be resolved before going to trial. It is important for you to know the different between the two types of arbitration, binding and nonbinding, before hiring an arbitration lawyer.

Binding Arbitration:

  • The arbitrator listens to case facts that are presented by both attorneys
  • The arbitrator makes a decision regarding your case
  • Both yourself and the other side are legally bound to abide by the decision made by the arbitrator

Nonbinding Arbitration:

  • The arbitrator listens to case facts from both side’s attorneys
  • A decision is made by the arbitrator regarding your case’s issues that is neutral to both sides
  • Both parties are not bound to the decision that was made by the arbitrator and they can choose to either accept or reject it

If you or someone you know is looking for a lawyer to act as a mediator or arbitrator on your case, contact the attorneys at Gingras, Thomsen & Wachs.


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