February 04, 2019

UW Health Transformation Surgeon Accused of Sexual Exploitation

On Friday February 1, 2019, GCW attorney, Robert Gingras, filed a lawsuit with the Dane County Circuit Court on behalf of a Wausau woman against a plastic surgeon with UW Health Transformations. According to the lawsuit, John W. Siebert, M.D. “failed to use the degree of care, skill and judgment that reasonable physicians would use in the case and treatment of a patient.”

The complaint stated Siebert purposefully inserted the incorrect size breast implants into a female patient, and was negligent in handling followup appointments that were needed due to post-surgery complications. When asked about the breast implant sizes, the patient said Siebert told her they were “larger because of the swelling.” The complaint also mentioned that Siebert had inappropriately touched the woman’s shoulders, legs, and face, while calling her inappropriate names like “babe” and “sweetie.” The patient is claiming sexual exploitation and medical negligence by Siebert, as well as negligent hiring by UW Health.

“We hope to make medical institutions be more forthright with their patients,” said GCW attorney, Robert Gingras.

Siebert was being investigated for an alleged sexual relationship with a married patient while working in a hospital in New York from 2006-2008. In 2011, Siebert was hired by UW Health Transformations while the investigation was ongoing. When the New York State Office of Professional Medical Conduct concluded its investigation in 2013, the New York medical board issued a suspension of his medical license and ordered that he be accompanied by a chaperone while attending to female patients.

Gingras, Thomsen & Wachs, LLP medical malpractice attorney is working to seek justice for this female patient and prevent this from happening again.

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