June 15, 2016

Common Causes of Farm Accidents

No one who works in the farming industry is under the false impression that it is an easy industry in which to make a living. Unfortunately, there are many potential hazards at seemingly every turn. One of the biggest risks for farmers is the danger associated with the equipment that is used. Tractors are a big part of nearly every farm; however, they are often the source of farm accident injuries as well.

9 Causes of Tractor Farm Accident Injuries

Depending on the type of tractor accident that occurs, there are several potential causes. The following are common causes of tractor rollover accidents:

  1. Improper hitching
  2. Traveling up an incline that is too steep for the tractor to handle
  3. Going too fast into a turn
  4. Driving over holes in the fields
  5. Driving too close to a ditch
  6. Improper ballasting

Another type of tractor accident involves a tractor running someone over. Common causes of this type of tractor accident include the following:

  1. An extra rider in the tractor who falls off
  2. A bystander is not seen by the driver of the tractor
  3. Bypass starting, which is the process of starting the tractor while still on the ground by bypassing the tractor’s normal starting system. If the tractor is in gear when someone attempts to bypass-start, it could run the victim over.

If you were injured in a farm tractor accident, you are likely experiencing significant financial, physical, and emotional harm. You may be entitled to compensation for your losses. For assistance pursuing a claim, we encourage you to contact our experienced farming accident lawyers today at 877-959-2760.

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